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Environmental Stewards - Field Trip


$20 per student*


4 Hours

*Minimum of 15 students. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

This 3-Part Experiential program has students fishing and restoring their way towards the understanding of wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. During this 4-hour trip, Students partake in fishing lessons and fishing, mangrove ecosystems, habitat restoration, and a nature walk with a lunch break ½ way through the day.

Field Trip

Field Trip

Gold Coast, FL, USA


Schools | Scouts | Private Groups


This program accommodates all ages.

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Students learn about how they are connected to the natural world around them, and the science of fish ecology including aquaculture and natures decomposes (worms), as well as the mangrove ecology including the role trees play in cleaning our air!
Students will...
• Get step by step fishing lessons and try their hand at fishing!
• Learn about mangrove ecosystems and the importance to our people and wildlife
• Get their hands dirty to help restore the parks native habitat
• Take a guided walk in nature, learning about the habitat they are restoring
**School provides transportation**

Course Format

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