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Kitchen Hydroponics


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of 15 students. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Tired of going to the grocery store? Now you can grow your own food! Become a backyard and kitchen Horticulturalists, using ancient methods for growing food through DIY hydroponic systems!

Hydroponics are one of the easiest and most fun gardening methods, giving big crops with little effort. Create your own mini-indoor garden and learn horticulture techniques to:

Grow edible plants from seedlings and food cuttings
Create compact indoor hydroponic systems using every-day materials
Learn how to improve global food security through self-sufficiency and hydoponic's role in creating a healthy environment.

Virtual or Live

Virtual or Live

Gold Coast, FL


Virtual | Schools | Scouts | Home School | Private Groups | Corporate Teams | Birthday Parties


This program can accommodate grades 3-12 and can be tailored to your curriculum needs.

What's Next?

Contact us to join our virtual class series.


During this experiential program, your Global Horticulturalist will learn ancient and modern methods utilizing hands-on activities to build critical skills including:​

• Explore biology concepts such as understanding photosynthesis, learn about pH, microbes and root development, light color spectrum effects, and more…
• Learning about plant structures, nutrient needs and growth cycle​
Building simple hydroponic planters using common household supplies and recyclables​​
• Students learn about the importance of our global food security and what they can do to become self-sufficient through indoor gardening!

Course Format

During the virtual gardening tour, you will join a 50-minute on-line class and work to create a working hydroponic garden in real time, guided each step of the way by Youth Environmental Alliance ecology and biology experts. You will prepare for the class in advance by collecting readily available materials and household recyclables!


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