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The Art & Science of Nature


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of 15 students. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Explore the world around you from a whole new vantage point…becoming a part of the science and art of the natural world. During this class you will learn to observe and capture our natural friends, from the smallest lady-bug to our feathery and fin friends!

By observing the beauty around us, we learn the natural rythms of nature, and connect in a way that allows us to experience the beauty within!

Learn observation of the natural world through ethograms
Learn the anatomy of our nature friends
Capture the natural world around you in art

Virtual or Live

Virtual or Live

Gold Coast, FL, USA


Virtual | Schools | Scouts | Home School | Private Groups | Corporate Teams | Birthday Parties


This program typically accommodates all ages, and can be tailored to different curriculum needs. Young children should be assisted by an adult.

What's Next?

Contact us to join our virtual class series.


During this experiential program, your Field Biologist will learn all about journaling in a scientific way utilizing hands-on activities to build critical skills including:

• Creating your own journal
Learning how to sketch different creatures, plants and animals
• Encouraging students to slow down, breath, relax, refocus and be mindful
• Enable students to observe – observing the big picture and the small detail

Course Format

You will join an interactive 60-minute on-line class which includes hands-on experiments, guided each step of the way by Youth Environmental Alliance ecology and survival skills experts. Students will prepare for the class in advance by collecting readily available materials and preparing your workspace at home.


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