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Sean Doyle

Instructor and Fishing Manager

Hey everybody, my name is Sean Doyle and I’m from Philadelphia PA. I am YEA’s newest Environmental Educator and the new Fishing Manager. From about age 10 up until a year ago I had planned on going to school to become a veterinarian, but I decided my passion was for environmental conservation and zoology! I have 7 years of experience in a veterinary hospital and rescue working with small animals, including exotic pets. I spent many years as a supervisory lifeguard as well. I recently spent a month in Playa Blanca, Costa Rica doing research with hawksbill and green sea turtles. While I was there, I also assisted on a restoration and research project on the endangered red and tea mangrove trees. In my free time I love to go fishing and am thrilled to be living this close to the Atlantic Ocean! So far what I’ve enjoyed most about my time with YEA are the ear to ear smiles I get to see when somebody catches their first fish!

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