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Marvelous Mangroves


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of $225/day. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Mangroves are one of the most important ecosystems for protecting coastal communities from sea level rise as well as our coral reefs! Explore the marvels of mangroves during this STEM program; it is one of the most important and unique trees in the world. Calculate the CO2 this magical tree stores and discover why it is so important not only to Florida, but to the world!
*For a more involved lesson, check out our Field trip to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, where students learn about mangroves, adjacent habitats, conservation and restoration! This 2-day program teaches about invasive and native plants and wildlife, research, and resource management.

Live and Virtual

Live and Virtual

Gold Coast, FL, USA


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This program accommodates all ages.

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Covers the following Science Standards-Big ideas: The Practice of Science; Organization and Development of Living Organisms; Interdependence; Earth Structures; The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models; Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms; Earth Systems and Patterns; Science and Society.

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