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By becoming a YEA volunteer, I understand that I will have the opportunity to participate in many individual and group volunteer projects for Youth Environmental Alliance.

By accepting the terms of this application, I grant permission for (myself/son/daughter/minor for whom I am a guardian) to participate in events without requiring additional permission forms.

I hereby request to participate in an activity supported by the Youth Environmental Alliance, Inc. I hereby volunteer my services and understand that I am not a paid employee of Youth Environmental Alliance. I acknowledge that I have read and I understand the details of the activity and the risks associated with my participation. I hereby authorize that emergency medical treatment may be administered if necessary.

I hereby release the Youth Environmental Alliance, Inc. their agents, employees, officers, directors and affiliates, from any and all liability that may arise from my participation in this activity. I further agree that this release also covers and includes all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, damages, losses and liabilities, and their consequences, as well as those now disclosed and known to exist.

Any provisions of any laws, statutes or regulations of any kind that provide in substance that releases shall not extend to claims, demands, injuries or damages, losses or liabilities, which are unknown or unsuspected to exist by the persons signing this release are hereby waived. The emergency contact information I have provided is accurate and complete.


I authorize photographs including myself to be used for charitable purposes. I affirmatively certify that to the best of my knowledge I am in good mental and physical health and capable to participating in this activity. I have described above any allergies, medical conditions or special circumstances of which the moderators should be aware: I have read and I understand the Youth Environmental Alliance Activity and this release.

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Donate to the Cause

Every dollar you donate goes toward programs that educated youth to become environmental stewards and projects which preserve and protect critical habitat including coastline restorations, pollinator gardens and more. Thank you!

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If you have any questions about our private parties, programs, volunteer opportunities sponsorships and more, reach us below.

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