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Schools Love Youth Environmental Alliance

"[Youth Environmental Alliance] was nominated for School-Based Partner of the Year. Thank you for building relationships between Broward County Schools that enhance student learning and promote school improvement. Connecting the academic and business communities within the county allows us to provide schools more opportunities for success." - Broward County Schools

Outdoor Field Trips with Youth Environmental Alliance

Our Mission

The Youth Environmental Alliance mission is to deliver education programs and facilitate participation in environmental activities to diverse persons of all abilities.

At Youth Environmental Alliance, we are proud to serve as the center of an organized network of charitable organizations, educational institutions and businesses that share a common underlying philosophy – “For Youth, For the Environment, Forever.” Youth Environmental Alliance programs deliver measurable results that benefit the community and the environment in partnership with our sponsors.

The YEA staff not only provides expertise in the subject matter and program applications, but our staff walks our talk, implementing the behaviors that we profess in our own lives and restoring our yards to increase wildlife corridors and provide numerous other ecological and environmental benefits.


What Makes Us Unique

Since 2005 Youth Environmental Alliance has been instrumental in providing all-inclusive programs that focus on natural sciences and environmental stewardship.


We offer fun and engaging programs that empower youth and the community to preserve and protecting our unique ecosystems and wildlife, at home, in the office, and in your communities. 


With programs for persons of all ages and abilities, including at risk youth and people with special needs, we empower the next generation of environmental stewards.


Our wildlife biology and ecology experts, in partnership with our sponsors, have educated and engaged thousands of youth to take action toward achieving a more sustainable economy and better world for generations to come.

About Youth Environmental Alliance

Video Created by Teacher Participating In Multiple YEA Programs

"[Youth Environmental Alliance instructors] guided [our class] through the different issues that are affecting our planet  through experimentation and interactive materials that explain major concepts in a child friendly manner. Each child walked away with an understanding of how each of us can do simple things, every day in order to preserve our planet. The feedback from the families , and students was overwhelmingly positive! - Miss Barcia

Since 2005 YEA has been instrumental in delivering hands-on educational programs focusing our fragile ecology and restoration and recreational opportunities. Our programs originated with the help of our general community in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. YEA now offers virtual classes and programming to engage our communities worldwide!


Programs serve persons of all ages and abilities including underserved communities, kids in distressful situations and special needs participants, corporate give-back programs and general community members.

YEA is partnered with over 15 like-minded organizations and conducts 30+ natural science-based programs such as:

  • Dune and mangrove restorations in partnership with various municipalities, corporations, Broward County, City of Hollywood, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and Broward County Schools

  • "Sailing for Success", for disabled youth that allows them to experience independent sailing and freedom from their disability. This program is run in partnership with Broward College and Freedom Waters 

  • "Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs" in partnership with FWC (Over 700 students served annually)

Donate to the Cause

Every dollar you donate goes toward programs that educated youth to become environmental stewards and projects which preserve and protect critical habitat including coastline restorations, pollinator gardens and more. Thank you!

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