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"An Immersive Hands-On Experience"

Youth Environmental Alliance offers science and environmental programs that engage you in hands-on eco-adventures and learning opportunities. Programs for all ages and abilities come to you at your SCHOOL, SITE, ONLINE or join our IN-FIELD TRIPS. Classes can be tailored to all ages for SCHOOLS, SCOUTS, PRIVATE GROUPS, or BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

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Virtual Experience

Join our ecology experts online for an adventure of a lifetime!


Have you ever wanted to compost, grow your own food, or make your own self-care products? Want to know how you can help preserve and protect the environment?


We offer virtual interactive instruction for all this and more!

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In-School & In-House Field Trips

Is your school, scout or home located in Southeast Florida? Our ecology experts come to you to deliver immersive and interactive 1-2 hour programs for youth and adults of all ages and abilities.

We offer fun eco-adventures for private parties as well as on-site hands-on science based programs that fit your education curricula and needs!

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In the Field

Join us in Southeast Florida for field-trips and special events around the globe as we help you, your class or your group explore their wild side!

Our wildlife biology and ecology experts take you on adventures through the Everglades, fishing the coastline, visits with manatees, explorations on the shores of Baja, and more, immersing you in a fun and educational opportunity to explore your world.

All Classes Listing

 Download our brochure or contact to discuss class options! We can tailor classes to your specific ages, formats, Science Standards and curricula you would like covered. We match out classes to your needs!

​Conservation Topics:

  • sustainability

  • ​wildlife stewardship

  • coastal resilience

  • protecting corals

  • protecting beach turtles

  • fishing​

  • environment restoration

  • protecting corals

  • causes of global warming

  • coastal dune systems

  • keeping coral reefs healthy

  • weather impacts on coastal communities

  • cop26 and what you can do

​Gardening Topics:

  • vegetable gardening

  • DIY hydroponics

  • planting gardens for pollinators

  • in school botanical gardens

  • bee gardens

  • edible weeds

  • attracting birds

  • propagating

  • restoring ecosystems

  • propagating

  • coastal plants

  • creating habitats

  • making a better habitat for humanity

​Science Topics We Cover:

  • scientific method

  • biology

  • ecology

  • ecosystems

  • foodwebs

  • photosynthesis

  • physics

  • biology

  • causes of global warming

  • impacts to weather and climate

  • zoology

  • archaeology

  • latest science news

  • environmental science

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