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Satisfying Soils


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of $225/day. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Learn the layers of the earth and how various soils are created by forces of nature and even living creatures! Soil types are limiting factors for plants. Understanding this helps to understand the vegetation in Florida habitats and how to plant the “Right Native Plant in the Right Place".



Gold Coast, FL, USA


Schools | Homeschool | Scouts | Private Groups


This program accommodates all ages.

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Tailored to grade level. Covers the following Science Standards - Big ideas: The Practice of Science, Organization and Development of Living Organisms; Interdependence; Earth in Space and Time; Earth Structures; Earth Systems and Patterns; The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models.

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