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Wonderful World of Wiggly Worms


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of $225/day. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Our wiggly worm friends are some of the best composters on the planet…helping create soil and fertilizer to help your garden or hydroponics grow! During this experiential program, your Oligochaetologists will learn, create and play as they become worm wranglers and sustainability stewards!
Explore the wiggly world of worms as they lead humans to create healthy alternatives to fertilizers, pesticides and more!
• Build your own worm farm to start composting food scraps
• Learn about the food web and importance of decomposers to sustainability
• Learn wiggly worm anatomy, safe handling, and lifecycle Learn
• Learn about the importance of growing and composting our own food
• Learn how humans have a symbiosis with our wormy friends!

Live and Virtual

Live and Virtual

Gold Coast, FL, USA


Virtual | Schools | Scouts | Homeschool | Private Groups | Birthday Parties


This program can accommodate grades 2-adult and can be tailored to your curriculum needs.

What's Next?

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Covers the following Science Standards-Big ideas: the Practice of Science, Organization and Development of Living Organisms, Matter and Energy Transformations; Interdependence; Earth in Space and Time; Earth Structures; Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms.

Course Format

During the in-school program, you will learn about composting using worms during a 50-minute hands-on lesson where they either create their own worm farm or create a garden starter using repurposed newspaper to plant a seed or seedling in homemade compost to take home. During the virtual hands-on experience, students will join a 50-minute on-line class through Ring Central or Zoom or other virtual meeting application and work to create a working “worm farm” in real time, guided each step of the way by Youth Environmental Alliance ecology and gardening experts. Students will prepare for each class in advance by collecting readily available materials and household recyclables.


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