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A-Way With Waste


$20 per student*


Full Day

*Minimum of $225/day. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Schedule this all-day program well in advance, it fills fast! Our waste does not go away! During this 3-location field trip, students discover alternative ways of doing a-way with our water and solid waste.

During this incredible experiential program, your group will explore 3 amazing Florida parks and learn about how waste-management practices can work with and for nature.
During an educational bus tour, we pass by Mount Trashmore and see and smell where most of our solid waste goes. Then we tour a wastewater reclamation facility in Palm Beach and discover during a hike, how reclaimed water can be used to create wetlands and rookeries to restore our Everglades habitats and wildlife populations.
• Explore natural wetlands to learn about how waste-water can be treated with nature’s cleaning machine.
• Tour a working waste-water treatment facility to learn about where our waste goes.
• See how our waste is turned into sustainable fertilizer and clean water.
• The experiential program runs ~7 hours.
**School provides transportation*

Field Trip

Field Trip

Palm Beach, FL, USA


Schools | Homeschool | Scouts | Private Groups | Corporate Teams


This program is targeted for grades 7-12 as well as adult groups, and corporate teams.

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Covers the following Science Standards-Big ideas: The Practice of Science; Organization and Development of Living Organism; Matter and Energy Transformations; Interdependence; Earth Structures; Earth Systems and Patterns; Science and Society.

Course Format

During the full-day field trip, groups will join Youth Environmental Alliance ecology and biology experts for a fun-filled day of hands-on experiences, hikes, and garden and facility tours. Transportation options are available at additional cost.


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