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Butterflies and Beans


$10 per student*


1 Hour

*Minimum of $225/day. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Students are introduced to the concepts of life cycles, using song and simulation to emulate the growth of both butterflies and beans. Learn the detailed lifecycle of plants using the amazing bean plant as an example. Live examples of caterpillars give students an hands-on experience.
• Students also learn the lifecycle of a butterfly and observe how the two lifecycles are connected.
• Songs and simulations of the lifecycles help students to remember each stage and explore through kinesthetic simulations.
• You will observe and describe major stages of these lifecycles including learning about what butterflies and beans have in common!



Gold Coast, FL, USA


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This program typically accommodates all ages, and can be tailored to different curriculum needs.

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Covers the following Science Standards-Big ideas: The Practice of Science; Organization and Development of Living Organisms; Heredity and Reproduction; Interdependence; Earth in Space and Time; Earth Structures; The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models; Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms; Earth Systems and Patterns.

Course Format

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