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Marvelous Mangroves - Field Trip


$20 per student*


5 Hours

*Minimum of 15 students. Discounts available for large groups and in-person classes.

About the Course

Marvelous Mangroves - Field Trip to Florida's Anne Kolb Nature Center

Field Trip

Field Trip

Gold Coast, FL, USA


Schools | Scouts | Private Groups


This program accommodates all ages.

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Boat rides, fishing and plankton oh my! Your Students become Mangrove Ecologists to study mangrove ecosystems from above and below! This multipart, 5-hour program explores mangrove ecology, wildlife, food webs, and more. Students learn why mangroves are the most important forest on the planet and how they are connected to them. $20 per student includes: • Fishing • Pontoon boat tour through mangroves • Plankton tow and Microscopes • Museum tour and Touch Tank and Talk $25
**School provides transportation**

Course Format

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