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Coastal Restoration Lead Volunteer

Broward County, FL, USA


Get Involved!

Love the Beach? Love Wildlife? Join Us to Restore our Coastlines!

Help lead a team of volunteers in creating critical habitat for nesting sea turtles, shore-birds, pollinators and more. Planting coastal dunes is a fun and rewarding hands-on experience. Spend your day with us on the beach planting native dune grasses and plants. Your leadership makes the magic happen at these important events which protect our coastal communities.

About the Opportunity

Leading the Way: 

  • Learn and teach about how to create critical habitat for shore wildlife and the amazing plants which protect our seaside communities from climate change.

  • Lead a team of volunteers as you plant native plants and remove exotic invasive plants from Florida's coastal dunes.

  • Engage the public bystanders in understanding the benefits of coastal dunes and how to get involved!

  • Ensure sea side safety (handout water, sunscreen, gloves and gear)

  • Take pictures at the event for social media promotion.

  • Help setup and remove gear needed for the events.

Help us 1-2 weekend days per month!

About Youth Environmental Alliance

Since 2005 Youth Environmental Alliance has been instrumental in providing all-inclusive programs that focus on natural sciences and environmental stewardship. These fun and engaging programs involve youth and the community in preserving and protecting our unique ecosystems and wildlife, at home, in the office, and in your communities. We offer programs for persons of all ages and abilities, including at risk youth and people with special needs.

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