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Volunteer to Grow Native Plants

Gold Coast, FL, USA


Get Involved!

Got a Green Thumb? Want to help the Environment? Help us grow seedlings and plants for our gardening programs throughout Southeastern Florida schools and communities!

About the Opportunity

Help Us Grow!

Your efforts to provide seedlings and plants for our gardening events and educational programs make a big difference! Help us grow one or all of the following:

  • Native pollinator plants and flowers for bee gardens and butterfly gardens including host plants (for caterpillars) and nectar plants

  • Native trees for habitat restorations and schoolyard habitat creation and conservation efforts

  • Shoreline plants for coastal restorations such as dune grasses (sea-oats) and other natives for coastal resilience

  • Mangrove seedlings for mangrove restoration and expansion

If you need supplies, let us know and we are happy to pickup the seedlings for events. We would love for you to get involved in our events as well!

About Youth Environmental Alliance

Since 2005 Youth Environmental Alliance has been instrumental in providing all-inclusive programs that focus on natural sciences and environmental stewardship. These fun and engaging programs involve youth and the community in preserving and protecting our unique ecosystems and wildlife, at home, in the office, and in your communities. We offer programs for persons of all ages and abilities, including at risk youth and people with special needs.

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